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Carlos Polit clinic

Carlos polit

carlos polit miami heraldDr. Carlos Polit is one of the best and most famed urologists in the country with special expertise in Kidney stones, Urodynamics, and Lithotripsy. He serves as the Head of the Department of Urology and Lithotripsy Yara hospital and his immense expertise and experience have not only cured plenty of patients and cured their critical illnesses but also brought smiles and happiness to their lives.


carlos polit miamiCarlos Polit Miami Herald provides rapid assessment, intervention, and treatment for numerous common and complex conditions. Patients receive customized individual care. This has made him a doctor of choice for GPs, consultants, and patients.


carlos politTo ensure the highest standards of patient care, all clinical staff are registered with the appropriate professional bodies.


carlos Polit ecuadorWhilst formal training and education, including university courses assist in maintaining staff competency, we also have a full range of work-based, in-house workshops which include basic/advanced life support, infection control, health and safety, and patient care.


We offer a full range of inpatient, outpatient, and emergency medical services.

Carlos polit
carlos polit ecuador


Carlos Polit Ecuador specializes in treating various types of kidney stones which are caused by clumps of waste products that have not been removed from the kidney. We all know that our kidneys eradicate left-over and liquefied substances from our blood to make urine. It may so happen, when you have too much of particular wastes and not enough liquid in your blood, these waste materials can build up and cling together in your kidneys without getting flushed out.

carlos polit ecuador
carlos polit ecuador


We at Carlos Polit Miami clinic perform Lithotripsy. We treat kidney stones by imparting focused ultrasonic waves or shock waves straight to the stone, first located with fluoroscopy or through ultrasound or high-frequency sound waves. The shock waves break down a huge stone into lesser stones that will traverse through the urinary system. At the clinic, we use a ureteroscope passed into the tubes of the urinary tract.

Carlos polit
carlos polit ecuador


This branch studies how the bladder, sphincters, and urethra function and how they preserve and flush out urine. We at Carlos Polit Miami herald offer a wide array of services for diagnostic testing for the out-patient and in-patient population with urinary incontinence complications.

carlos polit miami
carlos polit ecuador


Urologic diseases or conditions that comprise urinary tract diseases, bladder control concerns, kidney stones, and prostate ailments, among others. Some urologic diseases are short-span and can be cured easily while some are long-lasting and needs surgical intervention. Urology is the surgical forte encompassing the treatments of the procreative organs and band of our medical experts are proficient in treating a wide spectrum of urine-related complications.

Dr. Carlos Polit Clinic- Healing People Everyday

Dr. Carlos Polit Ecuador clinic of advanced medical care provides the best quality treatments for kidney, stone, and other allied ailments. We offer world-class medical expertise and nursing care to all. Our facility is equipped with the best of technologies, state of the art amenities, and is catered by the best-in-class medical staff, who are not only knowledgeable and skilled but their professionalism and cordial attitude make them stand out.

We offer super prompt medical investigation and reporting, the best intervention, and treatment for various common and clinically critical conditions. Patients receive tailored personal care. This has made us a clinic of which is preferred not only by the patients but by the consultants and GPs. To ensure the most professional conduct and best medical treatment, the medical staff here are registered with eminent professional units. All of the staff members here are adequately qualified from popular medical institutes with specialization and expertise. But at the same time, our clinic also offers regular on-the-job, in-house workshops which encompass basic and advanced life support, training and coaching, and mentoring on infection regulation, health and precautionary measures, and world-class patient care.

Carlos Polit Miami- Welcome On Board!

Good To Know

When to see a urologist?

carlos polit Seeing and consulting a urologist is important and symptoms like blood in urine, frequent UTIs, massive constipation, too frequent urination, or difficulty in urination, cannot be overlooked. If someone faces consistent pain or a burning sensation while urinating, one should immediately contact a urologist.

What to expect in Lithotripsy?

carlos polit Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is a medical methodology for curing stones in the kidney and ureter where surgical intervention is not required. In place of surgical procedures, high-energy shock waves are made to traverse through the body and are used to break down the large chunks of stones into tiny fragments as grains of sand. Because of their trivial size, these fragments can be flushed out from the body along with the urine.

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