4 of the best liquid diet recipes to help you in post bariatric recovery

Carlos Polit Miami

A bariatric surgery is a surgery process where certain changes to the digestive system of a person are being made to treat the obesity issues in the body. Once the surgery is completed, the person has to survive on liquid diet for the next few months.

So, if you are a person that has just gone through the bariatric surgery, you have to be updated and informed regarding certain liquid diet recipes. Carlos Polit, who has made some good name as a famous chef around, brings along the best and handpicked liquid diet recipe for you post surgery liquid diet meals.

According to carlos polit ecuador, as your body will be in the initial healing process, you need to be really cautious and careful while practicing these liquid diet recipes. Doing that, protein consumption has to be the biggest priority for you during the preparation process of these recipes.

Speaking of the liquid diet, you have to last on it for around one week and then needs to get in touch with your surgeon or physician for further recommendations.

Points to ponder regarding these liquid diet recipes

Opt for food that is nutritious and easily digested

These liquid diet recipes must be aimed and focus towards healing the digestive system after the surgery process. They must come as a perfect alternative to the solid food and bring along the required nutrition and health to the body.

Carlos Polit

carlos polit Miami says that this diet is quite unique in its own terms and it must also include ingredients that are focused towards triggering the healing process after the conclusion of the surgery. So, being a person that has recently undergone the bariatric surgery, you must opt for food that can easily be consumed and digested by your body.

Don’t let the diet go monotonous

Even while a certain food list is only permissible in this liquid diet, you must keep experimenting with the menu and meals on a daily basis. This is to avoid the menu to become from getting monotonous

Still, as per carlos polit moscato, your first priority has to be your health and this is where all of these recipes must be targeting the overall health and well-being of your body.

Recommended list of Liquid diet recipes post bariatric surgery

1. Chocolate protein shake

if you love chocolates, you won’t feel bored after trying out this amazing chocolate protein shake recipe. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any added sugar so you can stay ensured about your health and well-being on the same side.

Also, while you are on the recovery mode post bariatric surgery, this recipe can help you to fulfill your daily nutritional requirements. Simply add a scoop of your favorite chocolate protein powder with some honey and banana and blend it until the mixture gets thick and smooth.

Afterwards, top it up with some dark chocolate chips to add that little twist to the taste and texture f this recipe.

2. Apple cinnamon shakes

This shake will bring on a bit more variety to your meals and menu on liquid diet .As Apple is being termed as one of the healthiest food for our body, cinnamon will help in the healing process after the bariatric surgery.

To start with the preparation, we just have to mash the apples and make a paste like mixture out of it. Add a bit of skimmed milk or soy milk to the mix and blend it properly to grab a premium smooth mixture. Once done, top it up with honey and serve cold.

3. Creamy chicken soup

This soup will bring along some good proteins, fibres and all the carbs in the form of a liquid diet to your body. While doing the preparation, you must ensure that they must not be any bits of chicken to the mix. You can put in salt and pepper along with cinnamon and boil the soup until you get the desired thickness and consistency.

carlos polit miami herald suggests that you must ensure that there aren’t any lumps created that will make it hard to digest for the body.

4. Breakfast Hot cereal

If you love some hot cereal made out of cream of wheat, you will certainly enjoy this chocolate protein breakfast cereal as a part of a liquid diet. As you are just in the recovery mode and looking to bring back your digestive system in its healthiest shape, you have to go back to your childhood days where you are being fed with a bowl of hot cereal made of cream of wheat.

Gently cook them in milk or water according to taste for few minutes and then add on a single scoop of chocolate protein in it. You can add a teaspoon of unsweetened sugar and honey to add a little bit of tangy hint to the soup.