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Who We Are

Carlos Polit Ecuador is a well-known Urology center based in Miami with the focus to offer the best in class and most modern treatments to our patients.

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Our Mission

To create an environment of transformation from gloomy depression to the happy and pleasing feeling of good health and wellness.

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Our Vision

To work in a united manner as a team, professionally and organizationally working in harmony and sync.


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More Than 20+ Years Experience

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Dr. Carlos Polit is one of the leading and most proficient urologists in our country. Dr. Carlos Polit Ecuador began his career in the medical world while practicing at a local clinic in Ecuador. After a few years of clinical consultation, mentorship, and surgical interventions; he founded the Yara Hospital.

carlos Polit ecuadorCarlos Polit Ecuador unlimited knowledge and expertise, professional conduct, self-esteem, and cordial attitude have made him one of the most popular and successful doctors in recent times. Equipped with the latest modern technology, state-of-the-art facilities, and the most learned, skilled, and professional staff; we know what is best for you. Come and visit us and see how we heal all your concerns and gift you umpteen health and wellness.

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Our Goal

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We are a reputed urologist center in Miami, founded by Dr. Carlos Polit, who is the director of, the Department of Urology and Lithotripsy, at Yara hospital, USA. Dr. Carlos Ramon Polit Faggioni is one of the best and most well-known urologists around the country with immense knowledge, expertise, and several years of experience in the domain of Urology with a specialization in kidney stones, Lithotripsy procedures, and urodynamics. Dr. Carlos Polit Ecuador is the founder of the famous Yara Hospital, in the USA, and has retained an eminent place in the realm of urology. We aim at providing the best health and well-being.

Our Specialties


The department offers inclusive Urologic Surgeries by Carlos Polit Miami Herald as a forerunner in the domain of Urology and Andrology. Our clinic is equipped with the obtainability of all state-of-the-art types of equipment desired for cutting-edge care of kidney, stone complications, pediatric urology, prostate surgery, female urology, and male sterility. The Department is well furnished with C-Arm, Urodynamics, Lithoblast, and Lithotripsy.

Kidney Stone Treatment

Carlos Polit Faggioni are an innovative center for Stone treatment since the initiation phase. We focus on eradicating single or numerous stones through a suitable way of clinical treatment and delivering optimum and optimistic results. For this, we have knowledgeable doctors and surgeons, who have proficiency in taking out stones. They do remove stones by performing nominal surgery intervention.


Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is a method for curing stones in the kidney and ureter without involving any kind of surgical interventions. We treat kidney stones by imparting focused ultrasonic waves or shock waves straight to the stone, first located with fluoroscopy or through ultrasound or high-frequency sound waves. The shock waves breakdown a huge stone into lesser stones that will traverse through the urinary system.


Urodynamics is a group of medical investigations that assess the lower urinary tract function. The goal of testing is to replicate voiding patterns to classify any fundamental problem. Urodynamics is an enduring test. Through this way of testing, the urologist is capable to obtain a great amount of information about the ailment in particular. Urodynamic testing is a process that checks at how well the bladder and urethra are performing urination functions.


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