Everything You Should Know About Urinary Incontinence

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Carlos polit moscato is the well-known name for the treatment of the urodynamics. Suffering from the urinary incontinence is getting common nowadays. If you feel any issues, it is a good idea to get an advice of a professional.

When you often face your control over urinary sphincter is weakened. Such tissues are often termed as Urinary Incontinence. The spontaneous leakage of the urine. And this tissue has affected large number of people. It has also found that the women are more usually suffered from this work as comparison to men.

There could be various reasons due to which urinary incontinence occurs. Most of the ordinary reasons are smoking, obesity; these factors generate more risk for the issue to happen.

Urinary incontinence is an ordinary problem and due to which an individual cannot avoid urine from leaking out.

It can occur due to stress, anxiety such as coughing, it can occur during and post pregnancy, and it more usual. The chances of it happening enhance with age.

• Treatment

It will depend on various factors such as type of incontinence, the patient age, general fitness, and their mental state.

Carlos Polit Miami Herald

• Bladder training

Delaying the event- The motive is to control urge. The patient learns how to delay urination process.

Double voiding- This consists of urinating, then waiting for a couple of minutes then urinating again.

Toilet timetable- .This individual schedules urine time in a day, for example, every 2 hours.

Bladder training aims the patient gradually regain control over their bladder system.

• Medications for urinary incontinence

If medications are worn, this is commonly in combination with other procedure.

The following medications are recommended to treat urinary incontinence.

Topical estogen- may build up tissue in the urethra and vaginal areas and reduces some of the symptoms.

• Medical devices

These type of medical devices are specifically designed for females.

Uretheral inserts- A woman can embed the device before activity and takes out if she needs to urinate.

Pessary- A rigid ring infused into the vagina and worn throughout the day. It helps the hold bladder up and avoid leakage.

Bulking agents- inserted into the tissue around the urethera, these guide the urethera closed.

Sacral nerve stimulator- This is fixed under the skin of the buttock. A wire is attached to a nerve that runs from the spinal cord to the bladder. The wire radiates an electrical pulse that encourages the nerve helping bladder control.

• Surgery

It is a benefit if other remedy do not work. Women who have intention to have children should take advise from doctors about surgery before making any conclusion.

Sling process- A mesh is infused under the neck of the bladder to help back the urethera and stop urine from leaking out the body.

Colposuspension- Uplifting the bladder neck can help relieve stress incontinence.

Artificial sphincter- An artificial sphincter or value may be infused to control the flow of urine from the bladder toward urethera.

Stress incontinence- Aspects include

Pregnancy and childbirth

• Age obesity

Overflow incontinence- An expanded prostate gland.

Urine stones


• Total incontinence

This can outcome from an anatomical disease instant from birth.

A spinal cord swelling that damage the nerve signals.

There are many factors that could cause Urinary Incontinence. Carlos polit miami herald is an expert in the field and lead the professional medical team. Ensures that the patient gets the best medical care and deal with the highest standards of clinical staff. Go not wait more, if you feel there is something wrong with your urinary system, get it checked and consult a professional for the best advice in the field.